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{January 29, 2008}   DJ sisen play my Favorite song!

One of the craziest club scenes is the Japanese scene and I’m not surprised. The Japanese seem to do the craziest things when it’s come to clothing, fashion and costumes. One of the leading people of this scene is DJ Sisen. His line of parties called Tokyo Dance Night. Lately this party line came out of Japan and was touring in Europe. DJ Sisen became very famous and has a lot of fans around the world, included me 😉  The music you hear at DJ SISEN’s parties is: ElectroCyber-Goth TranceNeo Dark Wave and more 

I guess there isn’t much to write about a DJ, but I just wanted you know see what kind of people are clubbing in there. So I’ll just put some pictures and will strongly hope that one day I’ll go clubbing with Sisen.





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