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 This blog is Music Reviewers, every week I’ll tell you about another band or singer you may or may not know

The first band I want to review is MALICE MIZER.

This great band was formed at 1992, in Osaka, Japan and was active until 2001.

Members of the group were: Klaha (vocalist), Mana (guitars/synthesizers), Közi (guitars/synthesizers), Yu~ki (bass), Gackt (vocalist) and Kami (drummer)

The band had a strong influence of a French and classical music. And later on a Gothic-Victorian influence.

They’re also known for their great concerts which combine historical costumes in them; a historical sets and even an angel coming down from above.

After the band was broken, Gackt started his own solo career and is now one of Japan’s top entertainers and TV personalities. Tetsu has subsequently taken part in a series of bands such as Zigzo and Mega 8 Ball and has released one solo album.Klaha started a solo career as well in December 2002, but in the middle of 2004 it was announced that his fanclub would be closing down, Mana has formed his own solo project, Moi dix Mois, performing live concerts across Europe, Közi has joined Haruhiko Ash’s Industrial band Eve of Destiny and also has a solo project.

Recommended songs: Beast of Blood, Illuminati (known for his controversial and daring video clip) and Bel air. 


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