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The GazettE are not just another visual kei group, they are one of the best actually.

They’ve been around since 2002. Altough Some people say the GazettE are similar to Dir en grey, it’s not very true. Even that in the beginning of their career they sounded a little like Diro. Mostly because of the mixture of hard rock with happy beat, but they Quickly changed their style. 

The members of the band are: Ruki, Uruha, Reita, Aoi and Yune. Later on when Yune decided to live the band he was replaced by Kai

Their first EP, which came out in 2003 was Cockayne Soup. Since then they came up with a lot of excellent  songs: Tokyo Shinjuu, Zakurogata No Yuuntsu, Chizuru and more.

There isn’t much to write about this amazing band, I advice you to take the time and listen to them, I know you’ll enjoy it.

normal_arena37dec05-gazette02.jpgThe Gazette



{January 14, 2008}   Hizaki’s music and costumes

Hizaki Hizaki, (February 17th 1979), is a Japanese guitarist who also had a solo career. He belongs to a Visual Kei flow that is very popular in Japan. In fact Hizaki and Kamijo are two of the most important people in the Visual Kei scene.

Visual Key bands are similar to the western boys’ band. The only different between them is that the Visual Key bands use different costumes to create the group looks plus they make better music ^ _ ^.


Hizaki used to play in many bands such as Crack brain, Schwardix Marvally. but since he went solo in a project which he called HIZAKI grace project he writes the music and songs, plays the guitar, bass and keyboard .The only thing he does not do is to sing. He uses different singers from other bands that are doing the singing part for him.

 He’s music style is something between speed metal, hard rock with influence of electronics classical music (crazy ha?). 

In the last few years Hizaki, who also known for his feminine costumes, joined Sulfuric Acid, and later on started his own band with Kamijo, called Versailles

Songs: The Revenant Choir (by Versailles), eternal prayer, Philosopher, solitude.



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